That Street

That street could tell so many stories
Stories of its love kept and its love lost

Of its children
Of its visitors
One of which I was

Tears were cried there but never by mine eyes
Though I loved there so many, so much

One face
The object of that love
But that street could tell you more than I

For it could see the look in my eyes
Before I kissed one of its children

I could not

It watched, by-standing
As I fell in love with him over and over again

And each time my foot touched the pavement on that street
My heart beat once for him
Twice for his touch
Thrice for his kiss

Each step
Each beat
Led me into his arms
And into his love

I don’t know if I’ll ever get away
From that street and all the stories it holds

Stories from my past
Stories from my dreams

Stories with one of its children
Who became a man someday, I know

written in 1999

Photo Credit: Daniel Frank

For April, I’m posting a poem a day in celebration of National Poetry Month. I believe words have the power to capture a place and experience in time. I had some friends who lived behind Moses DeWitt Elementary School, and back in the 90’s, we could roam the streets of that neighborhood safely and make the most of the school playground. Some of my cherished middle school memories are housed on this one street. Maybe it makes you think of a similar street in your own memory bank!

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