Dividing the Shore

Goleta Beach in the summer of 2006
When white sand housed Santa Barbara barbeques

Divided by the mind
Half a shore for child’s play
The other half for serious surfers
and the not so serious water weighers like me

Divided by the rocks
Stony separation between one beach and another
Man’s only imposition to name the soils
So very good at drawing lines

Divided by the tides
Receding, leaving shells in its wake
And rocks that cut at my feet
While sand swishes around my toes

Divided by the horizon, Only not so divided
Where blue of water meets blue of sky – Limitless

written in 2006

I’ve been posting a poem a day for National Poetry Month, and April always awakens me anyway, so this is a good commitment to honor. Having recently returned from Puerto Rico, I’m longing for the beach. I’ll share the way another shore inspired me on the Pacific Ocean, oh so many years ago. The writing experience was similar to “Mosaic de La Mona“.

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