Barely Breathing

The winter winds whip in and out of my cracked screen door,
Carrying the resonating “ding” of the wind chimes in with frosty breaths
It seems even the curtains try to leave me when the breeze exhales.

And I know I am a part of something.

The icy gusts tickle at my bare toes and exposed knees,
Charming me out of my sedentary slumber,
Beckoning me with lights and dings, and cold, and whipping —

So alive in spite of me.

Everything I haven’t touched yet, haven’t known yet,
Touches me, knows me if only for an instant
When winter winds whip in and out of my cracked screen door.

written in 2013

For thirty days, I committed to post a poem a day in support of National Poetry Month. This one I wrote during a dark season, and let’s face it, SAD is real; many can relate to fighting the winter blues. Even when it’s cold and everything is dead, the wind can make you feel every bit alive.

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