The B-Sides

Leftover after everything’s been
Said, shared, savored

All the besides wasted under the skin
Beneath the not knowing
The filling in of details for myself

Beyond physical distance
Crass substitute for closeness that had been

And I will be, undoubtedly
A thing in the periphery
A “besides”, not so much a part of you
As I once was

Crawling along side these newnesses,
Prized moments that replace me
Floored by wretching envy
Of all that’s naturally you now

Besides, if you’ve changed at all
I’d be the last to know
The first to fall

Just flip the tape over
And play the rest of what I never said
Now that I’m gone                

written in 2006

Photo by Ashutosh Sonwani

Posting a poem a day for National Poetry Month has been an equally uplifting and unsettling task.  I’m not just reading the words; I’m recalling the act of writing them.  This one attempts a pun with beside and the B-side of a cassette tape.  For my younger readers, the picture will help you imagine what came before CD’s… I hope kids still know what those are!

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