Where Autumn Meets the Road

In that jeep with the windows gone
And the wind that whips on through
He took me to places I’ve never been;
Never knew I wanted to go

And the walls came down

Bob Seeger’s on the radio again
Singing about our summer drive
Bound to end where autumn meets the road

But he reached his hand across to change gears
And wound up changing me,
Whipping me with the wind

I thought I’d just go along for the ride
But now I open and close my eyes
A dozen times; half expecting he’ll be gone

Not etched on the other side at the wheel
Driving me past all I knew, all I wanted

In that jeep with the windows gone

written in 2004

Photo Credit: Logan Hansen

This month, I’m celebrating National Poetry Month by sharing one of my own poems each day. This one was written commiserate with its sentiments. I’d climbed out of that jeep after our date and was so inspired that I had to capture the memory. I didn’t take a picture, but writing a poem of a memory makes it stand vivid in the mind for decades. Seasons influence my moods, and I see symbolism in the end of summer, an idea explored figuratively here.

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