The Cliff

As the harsh winds blow,Against my cold, forlorn face,My tears of sorrow fall to the ground.The petals of my flower of love,Wilting at disappointment.The stresses build, forming a rigid cliff,Off which I plunge,Towards the raging seas below.I am swallowed in the deep waves,Blinded by the darkness,And all signs of light and hope,Are carried off with … Continue reading The Cliff

Words Aren’t Wasted on Tragedy

Tragedy.  It’s not just the play genre of Julius Caesar that my students are studying in English class.  There are three children in Nashville who will never read Shakespeare after a senseless shooting at a Christian school.  We may prefer the comedies, but what do we do when life’s writing tragedies all around us? Cry?  Pray?  Question?  Read, write, talk about it?  Grief is unique...