Stillness of a Moment

Will I ever recover or move beyond
Your face, your smile, your eyes
The touch of your hand upon my cheek
The night I said goodbye

I swore I’d never fail your heart
Another penny on the floor
Maybe I could dry my eyes
If I could just get to the door

And you watched me turn away
Dark head held strong and shoulders high
Your eyes, they followed me passing

How my heart longs
It’s this ache, it’s real, it’s an emptiness
In my gut, my soul, at the core of me
In the stillness of a moment
with you

The scars are ever-reminding me
That I am deeply missing you
Though I’m humbled, I’m still so proud
Knowing through time that you’re waiting

The dissonance is multiplied
By the tension in my distance
Will I ever hear you say my name
Like I used to when I listened

recorded August 2003 with Bob Cowherd
at The Park Studio in Nashville

Photo Credit: Nataliya Vaitkevich

April is National Poetry Month, and I’ve been posting a poem a day. I know, this is another song lyric creeping in, but it’s got some of my favorite lines of all time. It started out as a poem, and Bob played a magical chord progression, I started singing the words, and we transformed it into a song we’d end up recording during college.

A little secret author insight? For me, the “you” in this song was God. Have another read or listen; it fascinates me how shifting the subject reshapes the speaker’s posture.

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