Pain Management

We avoid pain, but its presence tells us something is wrong.  I knew I needed a root canal and two trigger thumb surgeries this month.  After each procedure, the affected areas remained numb for hours, and I was told to avoid use until that wore off; absent pain, I could cause further damage.  Is the same true for emotional pain, and if so, do our human efforts to numb and avoid it actually damage us more?

When You Start to Notice

Though it’s after eight, the street is still buzzing with barking dogs and laughing children.  It’s hard to believe it’s been more than half a year since I sat at my writing perch and typed my way to sanity.  For nearly one hundred and ninety Tuesday nights, I protected my blogging binges at all costs.  … Continue reading When You Start to Notice

Confessions of an ENFJ

It’s nights like these, cozied up on my writing perch, that peace radiates from within.  The twilight dawns, evening rises, and the paved streets are silent.  I stop, and everything else stops.  I can’t see my reflection in the laptop screen, but I’m outlining my frame in words nevertheless.  For an extrovert, it strikes off … Continue reading Confessions of an ENFJ