Summer Shift: When Teacher Becomes Storyteller

On Friday, I woke up a teacher for the last time in the foreseeable future.  My classroom is now boxed in my carport storage, an easy fit.  The question was what to do with my rolling teacher desk.  My principal called it the Cadillac of carts, I called it my classroom on wheels, and my students called it fidget toy one-stop-shopping. I unpacked it in the carport, put the screws back in, looked around at the sea of green and blue country, heard the birds, felt the breeze, and realized I’d unlocked the greatest writing real estate.

For the Love of Laurels

If I Were a Peony was the first of my analogical musings.  During a Sunday afternoon meandering the South Carolina Botanical Gardens with Mama Sue, some flora is worth further consideration further, and so is some counsel that was not your garden variety.

And He’ll Do It Again

It’s the first night in a week I haven’t been up on the surgical floor at Sentara tracking my brother’s progress.  I feel the need to just be still.  The air in the evening calm after the afternoon lightning storm rekindles a creative fire dormant in these days spent pacing, swapping updates, and riding the … Continue reading And He’ll Do It Again

Finding Therapy in Writing and Gardening

It’s the same night each week. A different love seat, but the same night. A different city, but the same night. Maybe even a different me, but the same night. Twenty nights here on this white wicker loveseat in Hampton, VA writing my way to revelation, but more than eighty Tuesday nights I spent on … Continue reading Finding Therapy in Writing and Gardening

The Love Bungalow

They say home is where the heart is… but when you live alone, what makes a house a home? When I moved into this three-bedroom rental property eleven months ago, I filled it with furniture full of memories. My grandmother’s dining room table, bookshelves built by one grandfather, the desk on which my other grandfather … Continue reading The Love Bungalow

The Nature in Faith

Three months of writing nights, and I'm wondering how I survived more than two years without recording a single string of sentiments. Each week when I assume this position on my white wicker perch overlooking my yard, random observations and variant experiences comingle, forming themselves into emergent discoveries. Chance pairings of literal growth and emotional … Continue reading The Nature in Faith

When Why’s Lack Faith

I miss my magnolias tonight as I gather my thoughts to compose on a veranda off the kitchen of my oldest brother’s Italian villa style house in Greenville, South Carolina.  Spring Break afforded me the opportunity to visit David’s family, play school with my niece and nephew, and exchange thoughts with my sister-in-law and my … Continue reading When Why’s Lack Faith