Rainbow, Sunset, Lightning Strikes

June is almost expired.  The one true, unadulterated summer month is nearly upon us.  I’ll usher it in on a camping trip in the mountains with a group of fellow wanderers.  Instead of moving out of my rented house and preparing for a pre-week multi-family vacation in the OBX prior to the wedding that was … Continue reading Rainbow, Sunset, Lightning Strikes

Pride, Power, and the Pen

The subtle softness of dusk’s glow only highlights the inactivity post storm, my freshly pruned rose bush’s thirst now satisfied, and just the orange cones and clean concrete a reminder of the gas line’s noisy month-long project.  They’re a friendly bunch who keeps me company while I finally attend to those neglected garden beds.  Yesterday, … Continue reading Pride, Power, and the Pen

Breaking Free

There are blonde strands falling into my eyes as I type to the “drip, drip” drumming of the gutters in twilight.  I tried to go blonde last week.  The stylist wasn’t my faithful Michelle; I didn’t let her cut a strand, but she painted my virgin locks with lightener and dye.  After two hours and … Continue reading Breaking Free

Truth, Trust, and Trouble

The sun sets almost on cue in June, late enough to chase it down over the bay as the day rests.  In its warm rays, I rest.  In the after glow, the cerulean sky painted with slate-grey clouds, I find myself still, if not stagnant.  The last of my Kecoughtan days wanes, and my heart … Continue reading Truth, Trust, and Trouble