When The Words Don’t Come

Spring may be in the air, but it hasn’t reached my front porch.  The cold taunts me even as the forecast promises it will be warmer tomorrow.  While Charming turned up the heat in Vegas for an epic March Madness Bachelor party last weekend, my stubborn refusal to turn the heat back on condemned me … Continue reading When The Words Don’t Come

Sentiment vs. Syntax

The porch light catches magnolia blossoms half-trodden on the glistening sidewalk before me as I write and remember all the nights spent on this white wicker love seat with the same view. Only, blog post nostalgia begs me to reconsider: the dim, post-rain fog that surrounds me on the first night of spring fails to … Continue reading Sentiment vs. Syntax

Wrecks, Writing, & Rituals

Not even a freak, unexpected snow storm would halt the flow of thousands of Hampton sophomores into proctored classrooms this morning; district-wide testing for the Writing SOL, my kids’ end of course test, prevailed over icy back roads yet untouched by the sun’s rays.  As I slipped and slid my way to Kecoughtan, I counted … Continue reading Wrecks, Writing, & Rituals

Rain or Shine (3 Years)

A lot can happen in three years.  Things begin.  Change.  End. I checked the calendar.  On the second Tuesday in March of 2015, I opened a blank Word document and started typing what would become the first of 156 nights to come and counting.  The sunset in my rear view must have drove me the … Continue reading Rain or Shine (3 Years)