The Juxtaposition of Life and Death

Another of winter’s intermittent episodes forced me to bundle up and brace for the cold as I set up on the front porch for a much-needed writing indulgence.  White puffs of breath remind me I’m alive.  The patio heater my parents gave me, Charming’s pilfered grad school hoodie, and Gram’s blanket can’t seem to warm … Continue reading The Juxtaposition of Life and Death

If Grammy’s Not in the Garden…

Indian style on my white wicker love seat contributing to the annals of my passionate three-year affair with “Writing Nights” as my Google Calendar reminds me each Tuesday, I’m sitting still on the outside. Still, on the inside I’m bouncing between competing obligations to prioritize deadlines, courting time in the hopes she’ll favor my attempts … Continue reading If Grammy’s Not in the Garden…

Weddings, Weekends, Winners

It’s cold again.  The surrounding districts have all closed based on the forecast of snow and freezing temperatures.  Perched atop my wicker patio furniture, I can confirm the absence of one and presence of another.  If there’s no precipitation, there will be no ice, and my district opted to wait until morning to make the … Continue reading Weddings, Weekends, Winners

Blessed Assurance – #ANewThing

It’s eerily quiet on my street tonight, the melting snow dripping from nearby gutters simulates a gentle rain.  The storm that began Wednesday night continues to keep schools closed even tomorrow, our neighborhood roads untreated, unplowed, and unsafe for student transportation.  Though the snowfall ended before noon the next day, its effects reach ever forward.  … Continue reading Blessed Assurance – #ANewThing

חֲדָשָׁה֙ – A New Thing

I didn’t make any resolutions for 2018, so considering we’re already two days deep, I probably have already broken ones I might have made.  The traditional choices seemed superfluous.  How could I commit to kick my clove cigar focus stick dependency when I still haven’t discovered why I don’t sleep?  The true tragedy is that … Continue reading חֲדָשָׁה֙ – A New Thing