Beads and Conversation

For three days with my folks in Syracuse, we spent two on the road, the typical travel delays awkwardly framing the worthy events in between at the one place that’s always been home for me.  Though we arrived after midnight, Mom had a spread waiting in case we wanted to pre-game the next day’s indulgences; … Continue reading Beads and Conversation

If Dr. Bogin Met Charming…

While I’m certain I locked the swirling interests in the classroom behind me today, our yearbook theme, the art of rhetorical persuasion, recommendation letters, and student ID card issues recognize no physical boundaries.  Christmas lists are in high demand, and I never seem to make it to the next page of suggested wedding registry items.  … Continue reading If Dr. Bogin Met Charming…

Chasing Childhood

It’s well past twilight, well past laughter and lawn mowers, well past normal blogging start time and well past the cut-off time for all mentally stimulating tasks established by my doctor to best “facilitate the induction of sleep.”  With Chuck recovering from an emergency root canal today, I missed our typical Tuesday gym mentor elliptical … Continue reading Chasing Childhood

In Everything

The drip-drop bass track of rain on this chilly November night reminds me of the overdubbed voices that comprised the “instruments” for Bobby McFerrin’s catchy eighties hit, Don’t Worry, Be Happy.  My Pandora station chose this positive, mellow, island vibe during our English 10 award ceremony yesterday, its sledgehammer theme landing firmly on its creative … Continue reading In Everything