Goodbye for Now

Forget the Gregorian calendar.  Summer’s over.  Because it was dark before I sat on the front porch.  Because I’m pushing aside thoughts of potential trainings for my sharp, new English teachers, confident we can dramatically improve writing scores this year.  Because it’s windy, rainy sweater weather.  But mostly, because Charming is gone. The end of … Continue reading Goodbye for Now

Four Days with Charming

In the morning, I go back to school.  Like last year, I’m hoping staying ahead with my planning will bolster my work performance so that Charming matters won’t interfere.  Last summer ended with my post “Four Days Without Charming” detailing a break-up and swift reconciliation.  Twelve months later, the end of another summer in Hampton … Continue reading Four Days with Charming

Like Grains of Sand

Summer is waning.  I start school a week from tomorrow.  Charming goes back to DC in less than two weeks.  Gardening, house projects, and lazy beach days will be replaced by lesson planning, leadership meetings, and eighty new youth in my charge.  Like grains of sand in my palm, I’m grabbing all I can of … Continue reading Like Grains of Sand

My Agape Cornerstones

The blue cushions on my white wicker love seat have practically molded to my body from recent use.  I haven’t been cheating on writing nights, just sitting, sometimes smoking cloves, with lots of private thoughts as I process my first week after being diagnosed with ADHD.  It’s quiet now, the way I prefer… but the … Continue reading My Agape Cornerstones

Italian Brain and Body Chemistry

This seems to be my summer of confessions, each week divulging some intimate detail others would keep private.  Two summers ago, I threw myself into failed online dating ventures.  Last summer, it was into adventures with Charming.  I suppose, this summer it’s into self-discovery.  My mother land, couple’s counseling, leveling up in Pokémon Go, and … Continue reading Italian Brain and Body Chemistry