Battling vs. Catching a Legendary

This past week was perfectly summer – lazy days scrap-booking and gardening, an evening on the beach with Angel, home cooked dinners with Charming, and time to update my Summer Productivity List to give myself more to do… in a couple of days, anyway.  For now, this week is Legendary week, and I’m coming out … Continue reading Battling vs. Catching a Legendary

A Princess Can Slay a Dragon

I’m writing on my back steps right now, a box beside me serving as a mouse pad stand.  I can be flexible and compromise and avoid conflict, despite my inclinations.  My neighbor enjoys a good cigar on the front porch often, and tonight he picked a soundtrack with a beat that stole my focus until … Continue reading A Princess Can Slay a Dragon

When in Rome…

This is summer.  Balmy air draws warmth from my arms when the breeze caresses my skin.  Neighborhood birds squawk, nothing more.  I sit with my red wine and think and write, my most cherished past time.  Just two weeks ago I spent the longest day of the year in Italy; the sun has long since … Continue reading When in Rome…

Freedom without Fireworks

There were no fireworks tonight.  Well, there were.  There are.  I just can’t see them.  Thursday, I was in Italy.  Friday, I was in Hampton.  Saturday, Crisfield, MD.  Sunday, Alexandria, VA.  Yesterday, Silver Spring, MD. Now, finally I’m writing on my front porch, later than usual as we tried to catch the fireworks at Fort … Continue reading Freedom without Fireworks