Take Me Back…

Bells are sounding in Sorrento as the sun sets over the Bay of Naples, and a cool ocean breeze soothes away the heat of a day in Southern Italy.  In the past week, I’ve seen and smelled and tasted places that existed before only in photographs and history books.  Before me, Mt. Vesuvius reaches up … Continue reading Take Me Back…

Best Laid Plans

As I started writing, the sunset surrounded me, the clouds were beneath me.  In nine hours when this aircraft touched down, it would hopefully still be Tuesday morning in Milan. Our ten day tour of Italy barely started, but we were already running late after a delayed connecting flight.  Seven teenage girls and me, off … Continue reading Best Laid Plans

Sunsets, Salutes, and Summer

The symphony of twilight tempts me to isolate the calls of familiar birds rather than isolate a thought.  Beneath the cacophony, I’m missing the Tuesday night therapy of three years ago, long before my hands found a suitable clone for Dr. Bogin in my laptop screen.  It receives information, as he did, and it doesn’t … Continue reading Sunsets, Salutes, and Summer

Confessions of an ENFJ

It’s nights like these, cozied up on my writing perch, that peace radiates from within.  The twilight dawns, evening rises, and the paved streets are silent.  I stop, and everything else stops.  I can’t see my reflection in the laptop screen, but I’m outlining my frame in words nevertheless.  For an extrovert, it strikes off … Continue reading Confessions of an ENFJ