The Same Prayer with No Answers

It was a Charming-less weekend, the first in several months, and I’d practically forgotten what a lazy, single holiday weekend feels like.  While he was headed North on his annual Mancation, I was getting out of school early wondering how I’d make the best of three days on my own.  What did I used to … Continue reading The Same Prayer with No Answers

If Only, Jezebel

An older man, a little rough around the edges, called after me leaving the gym parking lot today. “You’re beautiful, you know that?  You can tell your man I said so.”  As I waved goodbye in acknowledgement, evading the uncomfortable exchange that logically follows, I smiled and laughed as a silent offering of appropriate gratitude.  … Continue reading If Only, Jezebel

When You’re Not a Mother

I love my mother, but not Mother’s Day.  It comes every year.  I can set my biological watch by it.  Like the incremental changes in my garden that happen while I’m not looking, my dislike of the holiday that began as a small seed years ago now has deep roots and casts an even longer … Continue reading When You’re Not a Mother

Connections and Cul-de-Sacs

Try to isolate a thought.  It’s warm.  It will be summer soon.  I’m going to Italy.  Then what?  I’ll keep writing on Tuesdays, in Italy, too?  Maybe I’ll write a book.  About what?  That’s the chaotic freedom I’m starting with tonight, ideas bouncing around in my cranium, trying to land on some synapse of revelation … Continue reading Connections and Cul-de-Sacs

When It’s Write, It’s Right

When it’s the right person, sometimes you just know.  I wouldn’t call it love at first sight.  It’s more like at first knowing, after witty banter and candid conversation reveal a steady foundation where you’d like to build your home.  It’s like a garden bed fertilized and ready for planting.  You see the potential for … Continue reading When It’s Write, It’s Right