Writing, Rain, and Rollercoasters

God set the tone for tonight, cuing a warm, gentle rain just as I sat down on my front porch – a rhythmic percussion section, every so often punctuated by solos of doors closing or tires sloshing.  I was totally rejected today; well, technically, we, as in Charming and me, were rejected, but the email … Continue reading Writing, Rain, and Rollercoasters

The Life I Didn’t Expect

Driving up to DC last Friday, I had resolved to ignore the timeline tensions and enjoy Easter weekend with Charming.  We’d attended the Saturday night vigil and Sunday services at Restoration Anglican last year, and I was really excited to return.  Though I’d miss watching the twins hunt for colored eggs, holidays mean a chance … Continue reading The Life I Didn’t Expect

Losing the Why? Game

“Auntie La La, you got a boo boo?” Katarina greeted me tonight with a concerned series of toddler phrases as she pointed to my knees and proceeded to give each a healing kiss.  I hadn’t noticed the array of tiny cuts until her genuine burst of compassion.  This was the first time I lost at … Continue reading Losing the Why? Game

Bones, Seeds, and Me

The hospital seems distant now, two weeks after my brother’s admittance.  Spring break offers a time of healing for all of us, even as my twin nieces play doctor to their recovering father at home.  It’s good to have Mom around P.J.’s table too, especially now that he’s hesitantly venturing on to solid foods.  And … Continue reading Bones, Seeds, and Me