And He’ll Do It Again

It’s the first night in a week I haven’t been up on the surgical floor at Sentara tracking my brother’s progress.  I feel the need to just be still.  The air in the evening calm after the afternoon lightning storm rekindles a creative fire dormant in these days spent pacing, swapping updates, and riding the … Continue reading And He’ll Do It Again

What They’ll Become

The perpetual dirt under my fingernails confirms spring’s arrival.  I’ve been craving those late evening hours of sunlight after work and the gym where I can disappear in the back yard.  Forsaken weeds beg my attention.  In the garden, real world anxieties dissipate.  Mother Nature decides how many days until harvest.  Nothing else has to … Continue reading What They’ll Become

Captain in the Sunset

Sunday afternoon was too cold, the morning too dark.  We were heading north after a weekend in the Outer Banks when Mom called.  Dad was reading the obituaries again.  All it offered was that he’d died peacefully in the hospital after a brief illness. Charming pulled off the highway when he saw my reaction to … Continue reading Captain in the Sunset

In the Reflection

Wheaton came to Washington Saturday night, specifically to an alumni event hosted at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium.  I was under-dressed for the first time in my life, Charming having overridden my explanation of business casual, opting for jeans.  That wasn’t the only thing singling us out – it was our singleness, too, and the … Continue reading In the Reflection