When the Sun Comes Out

Magnolia blooms permeate the view from my writer’s perch.  The soft pink blossoms, illuminated by street lamps, beckon me to stop and appreciate their brilliance, my gaze soothed by a warm breeze, my heartbeat keeping time with the butterfly wind chimes.  God answered my prayers for a sign with the gift of summer days to … Continue reading When the Sun Comes Out

Show Me a Sign

Some signs are clear: they dictate our right of way in traffic, mark the appropriate bathroom, or denote the sale prices for a rack of clothing.  We rely on signs to navigate effectively through the physical realm.  There is a temptation for some, a longing for others, for such signs to satisfy the navigational needs … Continue reading Show Me a Sign

Status, Symbols, and Self

You love or hate today, really, I imagine.  Single, dating, married, or divorced, Cupid’s arrow strikes humanity indiscriminately once a year, ushering in a day’s reign of sentimental gestures. Nine years ago today, my ex-husband proposed.  Four years ago today, I packed a bag; I didn’t know that I would end up leaving him for … Continue reading Status, Symbols, and Self

It’s My Party, and I’ll Cry if I Want To

So it happened on Sunday.  I turned thirty-four.  Honestly?  I hated it.  Charming did his best to cheer me up, from making tea to combat my miserable cold to reservations for an elegant dinner in Old Town to a warm fire in the fireplace.  I should have been content.  Instead, I cried my way through … Continue reading It’s My Party, and I’ll Cry if I Want To