It’s Not You. It’s Me.

Charming and I broke up on Saturday.  It was his doing this time, a gracious offer to cease our courtship, vacating the position of the one standing between me and my dreams of a family.  When he escorted me to my students’ junior prom the night before, I wasn’t expecting the adventure to end in … Continue reading It’s Not You. It’s Me.

I Don’t Want to Be 34

I haven’t been smiling much lately.  There are moments, like with my niece Katarina’s loud facial expressions tonight, where I can’t help but laugh out loud.  Or when I finally caught the elusive Lapras in Pokémon Go this weekend at Gloucester Point and I giggled with glee.  Or when three of my students fell asleep … Continue reading I Don’t Want to Be 34

The Common Thread

The highlight of my D.C. weekend was a Washington Wizard’s game Saturday night.  Charming learned that his sister’s foster daughter liked basketball, so he gifted her tickets for Christmas.  It was a throwback 80’s theme, taking the team back to its days as the Bullets.  A refugee from Africa in June, this eighteen-year-old had learned … Continue reading The Common Thread

Snow Days

It’s my imagination that gets me into trouble.  It always has.  Like when I told Mom I was going to Kim’s after school, got off at her bus stop with a boy named Eric, and walked to the football game at the high school.  I was in sixth grade, already a hopeless romantic in search … Continue reading Snow Days

It’s a Good Life

January brings a breeze that rustles my butterfly wind chimes.  The streets are void of snow, and winter rains are finally silent in Hampton.  I unpacked last night from a week and a half of travel, and I finally feel at home on my own front porch nestled into a blanket on my love seat.  … Continue reading It’s a Good Life