Grace Uninvited

Five states and three Christmases with family celebrations and visits with old friends scattered in between.  Somehow the silence in my parents’ garage is unnatural after the frantic festivities of the past five days, the patio heater Mom gave me this weekend finding its ideal purpose as I hide from the cold rain.  Charming is … Continue reading Grace Uninvited

Visions of Christmas Joy

Cue up a Hallmark Christmas movie, start the electric fireplace, and bring on the wrapping paper.  I cater toward meaningful gifts concealed beneath the combination of wrapping paper, ribbon, and glittery tag that fits the recipient.  My coffee table is transformed into Santa’s Workshop just like the ping pong table in Mom’s basement.  The process … Continue reading Visions of Christmas Joy

The Real Prince Charming

When I attended this winter ball last year, I posted a Photoshopped picture of me with Disney’s Prince Charming.  Still in the budding stages of our romance, my beau and I hadn’t gone “Facebook official” yet.  My most popular blog was shortly after, in January, when I posted the first picture of my Charming, perhaps … Continue reading The Real Prince Charming

A Beacon in the Night

This kind of beauty doesn’t come easy… nor does it last long.  After a long, cold December afternoon trimming the tree and my porch, I had just enjoyed an early episode of Friday Night Lights with Charming by the warmth of my electric fireplace and the twinkling lights of the most perfect Christmas tree ever.  … Continue reading A Beacon in the Night