God’s Hands in My Words

I'm at my writer’s perch like always, blue cushion and white wicker beneath, the privacy of evening glories to my right, a couple of scattered porch lights in the distance.  Apart from the occasional passing car, there are only crickets and wind chimes.  The orange blossoms of the Cosmos Charming’s mother gave me peek through … Continue reading God’s Hands in My Words

Seasons, Names, and Faces

There is a time, a season for everything under heaven.  A year ago I was kissing online dating goodbye, focusing my attention on making goody bags for my English teachers, apparently waiting for Prince Charming to discover Facebook Messenger.  As I bought goody bags today, preparing for another first department meeting, I wished summer would … Continue reading Seasons, Names, and Faces

A Year with Charming

I smiled today.  Really smiled.  For the first time in ten days.  It was still hesitant when I awoke to a good morning text, but it came more readily as I shared my road trip memory book with Mom tonight.  It arrived on Saturday, practically concurrent with my arriving at the conclusion that Charming was … Continue reading A Year with Charming

4 Days Without Charming

I was driving east on Saturday when it started to rain.  The sun was fighting clouds when I’d left Charming’s house two hours before.  Now, the sunset was clear in the rear view mirror as I plunged into a twilight summer storm, leaving the light behind me.  I’d said goodbye to Charming, maybe for the … Continue reading 4 Days Without Charming

Steps, Scars, and Stories

It’s been thirteen years since I last stepped foot on the campus that should have been my alma mater.  The only school I applied to.  At eighteen, I would join my brother P.J. at Wheaton College, live in the same dorm on his sister floor.  Like Mom, I would meet a man of God, fall … Continue reading Steps, Scars, and Stories