One Garden, Two Seeds

Wonder.  Awe.  Fascination.  That’s what I saw in my niece’s eyes when I pulled a tiny carrot from the soil like a magician does a rabbit from a hat.  Katarina was mesmerized by this root vegetable that was just her size while her sister Tessa taste-tested herbs, letting out excited shrieks.  It seemed nature amused … Continue reading One Garden, Two Seeds

Sitting Still in the Storm

In an eerie twilight, the bright grey sky looming, lighting solos occasionally piercing the horizon, the writer in me is coaxed into a state of creativity which evaded me indoors only moments ago.  I sat still in the mist of the rhythmic rain, gaze averting from the computer screen to the evening glories sprawling up … Continue reading Sitting Still in the Storm

On Closing the First Volume

Last week, one of my readers commented on my blog post, saying, “We all take different paths in our lives and those paths lead us to this exact moment, this exact place, for the reasons God has planned.”  Each weekly installment in this Word Doc entitled “I Used to Be” (simply because those were the … Continue reading On Closing the First Volume

What I Think of Me

There is only one reason I'm writing tonight.  One of my young bloggers has been faithfully publishing her blog every week.  Her most recent post was so inspiring she had me wiping at tears.  Her writing is raw, honest, and a glimpse at the gifted, brilliant insightfulness of a teenager exposing worries that burden me … Continue reading What I Think of Me