Brush Strokes on a New Canvas

Second chances.  We hope for them when we apply for a new position after being fired or for a marriage license after being divorced.  Often we’ve made irreparable past mistakes that could only be redeemed if afforded the grace to try again.  I fail daily, in big and little ways; Lord knows my Italian temper … Continue reading Brush Strokes on a New Canvas

Purposeful Arrangements

This morning at the fabric store, I overheard a mother dismissing the cost of a ring bearer’s pillow.  “You only get married once, sweetheart,” she assured the blushing bride, a young girl who no doubt reminded her of herself three decades before.  Biting my tongue, I resisted the urge to add a sarcastic, “Yeah, I … Continue reading Purposeful Arrangements

A Second Chance at the First Tee

Seven years ago, I ensured I would never again have to grab for a bouquet in a gamble against single ladies where the odds were always stacked against me.  I tossed a floral arrangement over my shoulder in the banquet hall of a Presbyterian church in Nashville, a wedding band affixed to my throwing hand.  … Continue reading A Second Chance at the First Tee

Getting it Right

Everything I need to know, I learned from the board game Life.  Decide early if you want to pursue the college or straight-into-career path.  Lose your job, and reconsider higher education.  Give generously to celebrate your friends when they marry.  Unexpected lawsuits cripple even the financially blessed.  Life will throw you curve balls, unexpected adventures … Continue reading Getting it Right