Apples to Adjectives

An apple for a teacher is sweet. An apple with a handwritten adjective describing the teacher is priceless. Yesterday was a Macintosh day. One of my sophomores volunteered “Apple” as the freewrite go-word. The adolescents scribbled for a few moments and shared much longer, about colors and phones and foods. The joy of a freewrite … Continue reading Apples to Adjectives

Coordinated Movement on the Mountain

If you’ve ever tried your legs at skiing or snowboarding, then you can likely empathize with the shiver down your spine warning the rest of you that you’re hurdling down a mountain with ever-gaining speed, certain you’re going to fall at any second. It’s an odd sensation: cold and wind and gear and gravity drive … Continue reading Coordinated Movement on the Mountain

What Takes My Breath Away

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, dazzling jewelry overtakes department store displays. Stones are mined from the earth and affixed to metals that humanity have dubbed precious … yet a simplistic combination of the right gem and ore has the potential to take my breath away. For me, the most treasured of my … Continue reading What Takes My Breath Away

Connecting the Dots

I've managed to get my heart broken so many times in my three-days-shy of thirty-three years of life that I've lost count. The first was half a lifetime ago. He had Charming-potential until he started dating my best friend. She was the second, hindsight painting her perhaps unfairly as the villain counterpart. Heartbreaks are subjective, … Continue reading Connecting the Dots