From “I Do” to “Goodbye”

Seven years ago on Valentine’s Day, I got engaged. After a very public proposal, I learned my father was not first asked for permission; I defended my fiancé. My wedding dress was the first one I tried on (I knew what I wanted in those days). Now, the wedding photographs I cherish are the ones … Continue reading From “I Do” to “Goodbye”

From Dead Roses to Red Roses

Eight months ago yesterday, I buried dried roses in my yard, the soil moist with hot tears. It was a cathartic gesture, using the remains of a broken relationship as fertilizer to enrich my garden bed. Break ups often amount to no more than memories we don’t know what to do with now. I just … Continue reading From Dead Roses to Red Roses

For Me and Young Beauty

Falling in love is certainly not without conflict (as we know, any good plot needs a conflict to drive it forward, and so does falling in love if it’s to ever be a story worth telling). For example, what happens if you get “there” first, wherever there is? You might have met your match, and … Continue reading For Me and Young Beauty

As the Sun Sets on 2015

I’ll admit I’ve briefly lost myself in a fantasy of riding off into the sunset with Charming (as any woman with a healthy imagination is warranted to do on occasion); a spontaneous cruise to the Bahamas saw this fantasy fulfilled with a car, a ship, and a moped.  Though I’ve been back on solid ground … Continue reading As the Sun Sets on 2015