No Ship Has Sailed

Blue sky littered with puffs of cloud, sun breaking through above, lifeboats to my right, sea all around, and I can only sense the rise and fall of the ship through the slight change in the horizon ahead as the bow lifts and settles in rhythm with the sea.  Florida is west though not visible, … Continue reading No Ship Has Sailed

Welcoming the Unexpected

Tonight, I’m not a teacher typing her way to clarity, but rather a daughter on the patio of her childhood home, ever aware of her parents just beyond the sun porch door watching the Syracuse game on TV.  I don’t have to see inside to know my father is relaxing on the couch with a … Continue reading Welcoming the Unexpected

A Winter Rose

On his debonair arm at a gala this past weekend, Charming and I posed before our third Christmas tree this season. The unusually warm December air did not impair the holiday mood. In a bold red dress selected to match his attire, adorned with rubies and gold, hair upswept in curls, I hoped to be … Continue reading A Winter Rose

Hope in Traditions

Tonight, I'm writing from my typical perch, but within a winter wonderland. On Saturday, Charming drove a quarter of the day to spend half the day tangled up in Christmas decorations with me. Accompanied by my iTunes Christmas playlist recently modified to include some of his favorites, Charming balanced on a ladder to hang icicles … Continue reading Hope in Traditions

Smiling in Anticipation

I drove up to spend Thanksgiving weekend with Charming. Despite the standstills of holiday traffic, I was beaming as I snapped a selfie to let him know I was on my way. The genuine smile anticipated the romantic walks hand in hand around his quaint old town, meals served with scintillating conversation, the honor of … Continue reading Smiling in Anticipation