Into the Sunset

I’ll admit that there have been moments I've considered ending my relationship with Charming. When we’re together, I’m nearly oblivious to any pain that came before; gentlemen do exist in 2015, and I love that. I might love him, if I could ever think beyond the “might” that bubbles up when we’re apart, assuring me … Continue reading Into the Sunset

Meeting Joy

With mainstream media flooding our electronic devices with notifications of tragedy, loss, pain, and injustice, it’s easy to lose sight of joy, hope, promise, and life. When reminded of the uncertainty of tomorrow, I found myself most grateful to have my father and mother, brother and sister-in-law, nephew, nieces, and Charming around my dinner table … Continue reading Meeting Joy

The Power of the Written Word

Thirty-six weeks ago, I snuggled up in a blanket and my ex-boyfriend’s hoodie on my front porch and wrote about all my used-to-be’s. There were no “maybe someday’s”, only questions and uncertainties. There was no hope, only a fear that my best was behind me. Tonight, I'm curled up in the same blanket and Charming’s … Continue reading The Power of the Written Word

Waking Sleeping Beauty

“I don’t get to make a list,” a friend contested this weekend after viewing my list of Thirty Things to Do in My Thirties. Struggling under the weight of a thorny marriage and balancing career and childcare responsibilities, she believes that the best of her life is behind her. She doesn’t dream anymore. Doesn’t plan … Continue reading Waking Sleeping Beauty