Hope Between the Lines

I could swear my heart actually skipped a beat with Charming this weekend. This time, he showed me his world. Like every encounter to date, I was pleasantly surprised with each shared aspect of his life, from his home and meal selections to his anecdotes and interests. If it’s possible, I am smarter after a … Continue reading Hope Between the Lines

Evening Glories, Grammar, and God

Charming was here on my white wicker loveseat this weekend. On Saturday night, he would ask me to describe my perfect day. “Today,” I would say, after taking a hay ride and picking pumpkins at a farm, walking hand in hand on Fort Monroe beach, carving pumpkins together here on my writing perch, and experiencing … Continue reading Evening Glories, Grammar, and God

A Chalkboard Promise

It was time. This weekend I dug up my pink impatiens and begonias and replaced them with burgundy and golden mums. Amidst faculty meetings and Homecoming and writing remediation, they were the only lingering reminder of my sandaled beach summer of online dating. When colors darkened in autumn’s descent, summer’s remaining blossoms trespassed in the … Continue reading A Chalkboard Promise

Hope in a Hurricane

Last week’s winds of change brought hurricane effects to Virginia sufficient to close schools early on Friday, which gave me some spare time to go jeans shopping in preparation for my date on Saturday. Prince Charming read my blog, and he wanted to see me again after all. Given the setting for our second encounter, … Continue reading Hope in a Hurricane