Winds of Change

I met a Prince Charming this weekend. We were acquaintances in college more than a decade ago. My brother was his RA. He was that God-fearing, strong, ROTC guy that exuded honor and integrity. After resonating with a few of my blog posts, he reached out to me about meeting up for coffee to “swap … Continue reading Winds of Change

After Happily Ever After

What do you do with an inspired Saturday night when you’re a single schoolteacher? Lesson plan, of course, into the still hours of the morning if the mood strikes. It did this weekend after a day of children’s birthday parties at my friend Angela’s. Husbands and wives and children at the party. Silence in my … Continue reading After Happily Ever After

Home in this Very Spot

This morning, my evening glories were still in full bloom, and they paused to have their pictures taken before I left for school. I found myself repositioning the camera lens so as not to capture that yard down the street where there have been two shootings in the last five days. “Teen violence,” an officer … Continue reading Home in this Very Spot

Hope for the Girl in the Back Row

If asked to envision my life at thirty-two when I was a teenager, I would have prophesied I’d be married with one or two children in my arms, rocking them to sleep in a house we owned in the suburbs. I would have sworn I’d never divorce or leave a community where I was established. … Continue reading Hope for the Girl in the Back Row

When Growth is Inspired

After a few years of written silence, tonight marks half a year of Tuesday night writing sessions. With my evening glories having climbed to the roof of the porch, my impatiens size tripled since planting, and my tiny solar lanterns marking the shortening sunlight hours, my mind is pregnant with yet-pronounced life metaphors. It’s difficult … Continue reading When Growth is Inspired