Beach Reflections

Today wasn’t a beach day, though the weather was ideal for surf and sand. I spent most of the day at school preparing for teachers’ first official day back tomorrow. Fort Monroe beach was my second home this summer, and as it’s quickly being replaced by Kecoughtan High School, I feel the seasons changing absent … Continue reading Beach Reflections

Finding Purpose with No Expectations

Summer days are waning.   Crickets chirp while my butterfly wind chimes lay still. The porch light illuminates two empty wicker chairs. All the other porches on my street are silent and empty. The space beside me on the wicker love seat is empty, as usual. I've accepted it may be empty a while longer. Not … Continue reading Finding Purpose with No Expectations

Uncomplicating Anxiety for Fortitude

Over the course of the last week, my evening glories have grown tiny clusters of buds yet to open and greet the porch with bursts of color anxiously awaited. Anxiety can be attributed to a variety of causes; in this case, a harmless excitement. It also stirs inside us when we’re out of our element … Continue reading Uncomplicating Anxiety for Fortitude

The Beauty in Weakness

I was right about my garden. It bounced back. Daily nurturing is essential to any profession of care giving. Water the soil, provide sufficient supplements, weed the earth, and positive growth occurs. Ask any teacher how they finally “got through” to a troubled youth and the answer will be an outgrowth of a relationship that … Continue reading The Beauty in Weakness