Transplanting Surprises

A few days ago, I unlocked my red front door and nearly dropped the bags I was juggling as a flutter of wings brushed through my hair and into the twilight.  It seems the blue and white hydrangeas of my artificial door wreath had offered a bird a tranquil resting place that day.  It took … Continue reading Transplanting Surprises

Counsel and Clovers

After consulting with Kathy at Home Depot, the bushes that frame my front porch are azaleas, which turn out to be my grandfather’s favorite.  The 75 degree sunny Saturday just past found me on my knees in my garden beds wrenching out weeds.  Though I had spent hours carefully researching and buying plants for my … Continue reading Counsel and Clovers

Marrying Hindsight and Carpe Diem

The magnolia trees were bare when I returned from Greenville.  I’d snapped only one picture, planning to take more when the lighting was right and the trash cans didn’t line the curb. My first thought was one of disappointment.  Did they really only bloom for a couple of weeks? The second was one of disillusionment.  … Continue reading Marrying Hindsight and Carpe Diem

When Why’s Lack Faith

I miss my magnolias tonight as I gather my thoughts to compose on a veranda off the kitchen of my oldest brother’s Italian villa style house in Greenville, South Carolina.  Spring Break afforded me the opportunity to visit David’s family, play school with my niece and nephew, and exchange thoughts with my sister-in-law and my … Continue reading When Why’s Lack Faith