If I Were a Peony

The pink blossoms of my magnolias are the primary spark of color on my street on this last day of March. Each day, the blossoms seem to multiply and their color magnify. I teach my students that adjectives are like flowers. Adjectives decorate nouns just like flowers decorate our world. They distinguish a man from … Continue reading If I Were a Peony

The Italian’s American Dream

The blossoms will be pink. Not mine (well, maybe, we’ve just yet to find out), but I'm referring to the Magnolia trees in front of me while I gather myself on the front porch to write again. So much can change in a week’s time in spring, and I only wish the growth were as … Continue reading The Italian’s American Dream

Freewrite to Genuine Thought

It has been a week since I wrote for me. I wrote lesson plans for administration. I wrote quizzes and tests for my students. I wrote whole units for my classes. I wrote emails for parents and other teachers. Is there any writing left for me? Another warm Tuesday night finds me on my front … Continue reading Freewrite to Genuine Thought

I Used to Be

I used to be a writer and a poet and a novelist. And a singer. And an actress. And a media tech. And a computer repair geek. I used to be a little sister and a big sister, a babysitter, a housekeeper, a business owner, a gardener, a receptionist at a hair salon, an intern … Continue reading I Used to Be